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James Alison

Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic & Gay

 An original re-imagining of the Catholic faith by one of the most refreshing theologians writing in English today.  James Alison offers an account of Christianity that is moving, liberating, and deeply personal, yet rooted in Catholic tradition. This is not so much a book of gay theology but rather of Catholic theology from a gay perspective.  Alison addresses equally both those who are not gay and those who are not Catholic, ‘people of whatever background negotiating the world of faith in the time of the collapsing closet’.  (London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 2001, reprinted 2002 and 2006)


Eugene F. Jr. Rogers

Sexuality and the Christian Body: Their Way into the Triune God

Sexuality and the Christian Body addresses the challenges to traditional Christianity by gay and lesbian Christians and their critics within the church. Rogers provides some radical new insights into Christian arguments about the body (Oxford: Blackwells Publishing, 1999)


Troy Perry

Ten Spiritual Truths for Successful Living for Gays and Lesbians - and Everyone Else!

Written by Metropolitan Community Church founder Troy Perry.  Not a huge book, but it offers some moving spiritual insights wrapped up in great humour.(Augusta, GA: Morris Publishing, 2003)